Heavy Duty Vinyl Fitted Pool Table Cover

$125.00 $99.00

Our fitted cover is just what it says it is–fitted!–to your size of table and to your color scheme. The cover is made of a heavy-duty vinyl with a soft backing, so your table is protected from spills from above and cushioned next to the wood underneath. You’ll also find seams with double stitching for extra reinforcement. To order the correct size, measure the outside dimensions of the rails on your table, both width and length.

A - for Antique Style Table with Leather Pockets.   M - for Modern Style Tables with Enclosed Pockets.  

7'A  Cover Size: 50" x 90" / Leather Pocket Style

7'M  Cover Size: 52" x 92" / Modern Style (add $7.00)

8'A  Cover Size: 55" x 99" / Leather Pocket Style

8'M Cover Size: 56" x 100" / Modern Style (add $7.00) 

9'A Cover Size: 61" x 111" / Leather Pocket Style (add $17.00) 

9'M Cover Size: 62" x 112" / Modern Style (add $24.00)